Wrapping the air-vents

While at 2018 Summer Rally at Ragley Hall, I spotted the air vent covers on the MX5 Parts stand. Although I wanted to create carbon fibre coverings for the air vents I knew it'd be quite complex to remove the OEM covers. The parts made by IL Motorsport (shown below) were a perfect solution.

The air vent covers before wrapping began.
The naked air vents before wrapping began.

With a little care and attention, I managed to persuade the textured vinyl wrap to sit around the covers while not creasing and bubbling as I pulled it through the centre and over the interior surfaces.

The air vent with original chrome surround
The air vent with original chrome surround.

In my excitement, I'm sorry to report that I omitted to take and photos of the wrapped covers prior to them being attached to the vehicle. Hopefully, you'll agree they add a little class to the dashboard and coordinate with the small patch of carbon fibre Mazda has placed beside the window controls.

The finished air vent covers
The finished air vent covers.
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