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Writing an account of all the updates I’ve been making to my Mazda MX-5 has been done not to merely showcase my work, but to provide a useful resource for others wishing to undertake similar modifications. Each modification took many hours of careful research and deliberation, one of my aims in creating this blog was to provide a way for others to benefit from the knowledge I’ve gained.


While there can be no doubt I’m a fan of the written word, there are times when a practical demonstration is more effective in conveying knowledge and enhances the ability of others to learn. Therefore, I decided to create several videos which I’ve hosted on a YouTube channel in the hope that you’ll find them useful.

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Enhancing the MX-5 Mk4 seats

While driving on a long journey I became aware that my MX-5 Mk4 seats didn’t provide quite the level of lumbar support that I’d prefer. After spending many hours searching for alternative seats and discovering it was impossible to fit aftermarket Recaro seats without either radical alterations to the interior or forfeiting the use of the cupholders and central storage area. For me, neither of these were an option. After stumbling upon some new information, I decided to investigate methods to effectively enhance the lumbar support and the base of the seats. After constructing a prototype which I’ve tested over several weeks, I’ll share my discoveries with you.


If you’ve ever been sat in your MX-5 and have wriggled around in your seat wondering why your lower back was feeling a little twitchy, or maybe you felt that you were sinking into the seat bottom just a little too much for your liking then I’m sure you’ll find this video enlightening.

Stripping down an MX-5 Mk4 seat

In this video I’m going to demonstrate a complete strip-down of an MX-5 Mk4 seat; beginning with the removal of the rear seat cover, taking a look at the airbag assembly and the J-clips used to hold the seat cover on to the frame. Not forgetting to investigate how the headrest is constructed and uncovering the small speakers inside it. While removing the bottom seat cover, I’ll show you how to remove the side seat adjustment lever, before moving on to unclipping the hog rings which secure the bottom seat cover in place. With both seat covers removed we’ll take a closer look at the moulded foam that forms the seat bolsters and the woven spring mats that provide the main support to the seat.


Have you ever wondered how your MX-5 Mk4 seats are constructed?
If you’re anything like me then the answer to that question is a resounding “YES” and I’m sure you’ll find this video interesting.

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