Boot spoiler & airdam skirt

Only a few days after completing the wing mirrors upgrade, I purchased two Mazda aftermarket parts; a boot lid spoiler and a front air-dam skirt from a supplier in the north of England (which has since gone out of business).

The front air-dam skirt I decided not to wrap, retaining the original black finish, but the boot lid spoiler I wrapped in red vinyl to match the wing mirrors.

It was pretty straight forward after the complex angles on the wing mirrors and the inconvenience of not being able to detach the wing mirror to be able to work on it as easily as I could the spoiler.

The finished side of the wrapped boot lid spoiler
The wrapped boot lid spoiler - top side.
The under side of the boot lid spoiler
The wrapped boot lid spoiler - under side.

Inside the spoiler on the under-side, I glued the edges to help make it durable and protect the edges while it was being fitted to the car. I then protected the edges from water ingress with clear Gorilla tape.

Gorilla tape

Due to the fact that holes needed to be drilled in the bodywork during the fitting process, I decided to have the spoiler and front skirt fitted by a Mazda dealer.

The newly fitted boot lid spoiler
The newly fitted boot lid spoiler.

I think the red spoiler looks amazing against the pearlescent white paint; whilst the front air-dam skirt looks a lot more finished than the basic trim the car was supplied with.

The newly fitted from air-dam skirt
The newly fitted from air-dam skirt.
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